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Principles of the

  title={Principles of the},
  author={Sang-Ho Kim and Marc Doleans and Marc Snsornl},
En terprise the efficiency of implementation of socially responsible business. 

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Economic Association meetings, and Jon Gant, and discussant Edward Lazear for his detailed suggestions.
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Problemy ekonomichnoho stanovlennya -Economy. Problems of economic formation
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S miru po nitke : kak mirovyye znaniya KSO prizhivayutsya v Ukraine [ With a trace of the world : how world CSR knowledge takes root in Ukraine ] . Kontrakty – Contracts
    Problemy i perspektyvy rozvytku bankivs'koyi systemy Ukrayiny -Problems and prospects of development of the banking system of Ukraine, 40, 275−285
      Sotsial'naya otvetstvennost' v sisteme upravleniya sotsial'no-ekonomicheskoy deyatel'nost'yu korporatsiy [Social responsibility in the management system of socio-economic activities of corporations
      • Extended abstract of candidate’s thesis. Moscow : Moscow State University [in Russian]
      • 2009
      Demohrafiya ta sotsial'na ekonomika -Demography and the social economy
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