[Principles of medical care of patients with gastrointestinal ulcer hemorrhage].


A new protocol of treatment policy is proposed based on the results of treatment of 518 patients with gastrointestinal ulcer bleedings. All the patients are divided into 3 groups: with continued bleeding, with unstable spontaneous hemostasis, and with stable spontaneous hemostasis. Corresponding policy of treatment was used: surgery, endoscopic hemostasis, conservative treatment. In endoscopic hemostasis we preferred to clamp vessel or ulcer leading to hemostasis in all 36 cases. Hemostasis was not achieved in 6% patients, recurrence of bleeding was in 4.2% patients, 24.6% patients underwent emergency operations. The majority of operated patients underwent stomach resection (51.6%). The proposed principles of treatment permitted to decrease overall lethality from 5.2 to 2.6%, postoperative lethality--from 15.7 to 7.5%.

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