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Principles of computer science: concepts, algorithms, data structures and applications

  title={Principles of computer science: concepts, algorithms, data structures and applications},
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The Fabrication of Arrays of Single Ions in Silicon via Ion Implantation
The fabrication of arrays of single ions in silicon via ion implantation Report Title Conventional computers are approaching fabrication limits where statistical variation in the placement of singleExpand
A heuristic for cyclic stochastic sequencing of tasks on a drum-like storage system
Numerical results show that the developed heuristic procedures yield satisfactory estimates for the optimal solution of the Stochastic cyclic sequencing of tasks in auxiliary drum-like storage systems. Expand
Professional codes of conduct and computer ethics education
Advancements in computer technology over the past twenty years have created ethical dilemmas and raised questions, some similar to other professions and some unique to the computer field. ThereforeExpand