Principles of Vibration and Sound

  title={Principles of Vibration and Sound},
  author={T. D. Rossing and Neville H. Fletcher},
1 Free and Forced Vibrations of Simple Systems.- 2 Continuous Systems in One Dimension: Strings and Bars.- 3 Two-Dimensional Systems: Membranes and Plates.- 4 Coupled Vibrating Systems.- 5 Nonlinear Systems.- 6 Sound Waves in Air.- 7 Sound Radiation.- 8 Pipes and Horns.- 9 Acoustic Systems.- 10 Microphones and Other Transducers.- 11 Sound in Concert Halls and Studios.- 12 Sound and Noise Outdoors.- 13 Underwater Sound.- Selected Bibliography.- Problems.- Answers to Selected Problems.- Name… 
External sound radiation of vibrating trombone bells
The issue of the influence of bell vibrations on the sound of brass instruments is still debated. For such instruments, external sound field is the superposition of the sound field resulting from
Amplitude modulation drive to rectangular-plate linear ultrasonic motors with vibrators dimensions 8 mm /spl times/ 2.16 mm /spl times/ 1 mm
In this paper, to exploit the contribution from not only the stators but also from other parts of miniature ultrasonic motors, an amplitude modulation drive is proposed to drive a miniature linear
Acoustic Resonance in Cylindrical Tubes with Side Branches
Abstract : A study was done in order to understand the acoustic resonance of narrow cylindrical tubes with side branch holes that are used in photo-acoustic spectrometers. A review of the available
Vibration of an electric bass guitar
The vibration behaviour of the solid-body electric bass and some of its musical consequences are being studied. Various measurements and computations are being presented using the example of one
A tiny directional sound sensor inspired by crickets designed for micro-air vehicles
Insects can accurately navigate and track sound sources in complex environments using efficient methods based on highly appropriate sensory-motor processing systems. It is proposed here to describe,
A Modular Physically Based Approach to the Sound Synthesis of Membrane Percussion Instruments
A model for tension modulation in a struck circular membrane is discussed, which simulates the dynamic variations of partial frequencies occurring at large amplitude vibrations of the membrane and can be efficiently integrated into a modal synthesis engine.
Stress detection with guided acoustic ultrasonic waves by non-linear elastic and geometric effects
The detection of stress in bolts based on acoustic bulk waves of longitudinal and transversal polarization is well introduced and respective detection schemes are commercially available. Whereas the