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Principles of Optics : Electromagnetic theory of propagation

  title={Principles of Optics : Electromagnetic theory of propagation},
  author={Max Born},

Edge Detection and 3 D Reconstruction Based on the Shape-from-Focus

The work stems from the industrial project which aims to build the highly precise micro components assembly machine and the edge detection techniques and the design of the Shape-fromFocus algorithm in the microscopic environment are presented.

Propiedades ópticas de los aerosoles atmosféricos en la Región Andina Colombiana mediante análisis de mediciones remotas: LIDAR, fotométricas y satelitales

Resumen: Tecnicas de sensado remoto atmosferico lidar en tierra, fotometria solar, y lidar satelital fueron utilizadas en el estudio de las propiedades opticas del aerosol con el proposito de

Diffraction of light by plasma in the solar system

We study the propagation of electromagnetic (EM) waves in the solar system and develop a Mie theory that accounts for the refractive properties of the free electron plasma in the extended solar

Atomistic simulations of ultra-short pulse laser ablation of aluminum: validity of the Lambert-Beer law

Abstract Based on hybrid molecular dynamics/two-temperature simulations, we study the validity of the application of Lambert-Beer’s law, which is conveniently used in various modeling approaches of

Fundamental Properties of O and B Stars with Optical Interferometry

We obtained interferometric observations of 6 spectral type O stars and 25 spectral type B stars with the Precision Astronomical Visible Observations (PAVO) and the CLassic Interferometry with

Measurements based specular reflection formulation for point cloud modelling

Describing the environment using a point cloud is a promising method for both propagation predictions and channel simulations. Recently, a specular reflection model has been proposed and verified

Etude des distributions angulaires d'absorption et d'autodoublage de fréquence du cristal biaxe monoclinique YCa4O(BO3)3 dopé avec des ions Nd 3+

Ce travail de these concerne de nouveaux developpements fondamentaux en optique cristalline lineaire et non lineaire des milieux biaxes. Il s'agit de l'etude de la distribution angulaire du

Spot Focusing Coma Correction by Linearly Polarized Dual-Transmitarray Antenna in the Terahertz Region

—Focus scanning is critically important in many terahertz (THz) imaging and sensing applications. A traditional single focusing transmitarray can achieve a good focus when the source is on-axis but

The Impact of Stochastic Wavefunction Evolution in Dispersively Measured Bose-Einstein Condensates

A fundamental tenet of quantum mechanics is that measurements change a system’s wavefunction to that most consistent with the measurement outcome, even if no observer is present. Weak

Limits of Accuracy for Parameter Estimation and Localization in Single-Molecule Microscopy via Sequential Monte Carlo Methods

A general sequential Monte Carlo (SMC) based methodology for both parameter inference and computing the desired accuracy limits for non-static molecules and a non-Gaussian fundamental detection model is presented.