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Principles and practice of ophthalmology

  title={Principles and practice of ophthalmology},
  author={D. Albert and F. Jakobiec},
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Topics from this paper

Traditional approaches to the orbit.
The traditional approaches for orbital decompression for Grave's ophthalmopathy are described and the external approaches to the orbit are described. Expand
Prevalence and Pattern of Corneal Morbidity Based on a New Nomogram and Graticule
This new nomogram may provide a precise methodology for mapping of corneal lesions along with the assessment of visual morbidity and VA involvement. Expand
The Boston keratoprosthesis in Stevens-Johnson syndrome.
KPro in SJS has improved, largely because of the introduction of vancomycin prophylaxis and better glaucoma treatment, and seems to be superior to standard penetrating keratoplasty, with or without allografted stem cell transplantation, as judged from the literature. Expand
Assessing surgery skills.
OASIS continues to find the objective assessment of the authors' surgical outcomes particularly helpful in the academic setting and hope more of its colleagues will join in collecting this information for the purpose of improving overall patient care. Expand
The otolaryngologist-ophthalmologist relationship: an historic perspective.
  • S. Thawley
  • Medicine
  • Otolaryngologic clinics of North America
  • 2006
Otolaryngology and ophthalmology have a long and congenial professional relationship in the development of their mutual specialties over many years, but some problems involve both specialties because of the shared common anatomic areas. Expand
The uvea in ocular trauma.
The uveal tissue is frequently affected in ocular trauma. Its anatomic and physiologic changes are responsible for many of the early and late clinical manifestations seen in the traumatized eye.Expand
Visual-Field Loss Caused by Sinusitis: A Case Report
  • P. Gouws
  • Medicine
  • Ear, nose, & throat journal
  • 2003
The author reports a case of visual-field loss that was not characterized by any direct compression or external signs of sinus disease. The patient's hemianopia was found to be associated with severeExpand
Novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to the diabetic retinopathy.
  • C. Giusti
  • Medicine
  • European review for medical and pharmacological sciences
  • 2001
Novel imaging techniques and therapeutic strategies, developed during the past few years, may not only increase the standard quality of actual eye care but may also improve access to ophthalmological examinations and compliance with the eye care guidelines for all diabetic patients. Expand
Anatomy and physiology of the cornea
The cornea lacks the neurobiological sophistication of the retina and the dynamic movement of the lens; yet, without its clarity, the eye would not be able to perform its necessary functions. Expand
Protocol for the examination of specimens from patients with retinoblastoma. 1
This is the first large-scale study of its kind to evaluate the role of laser-spot assisted, 3D image analysis in the development of central giant cell granuloma and its role in disease progression. Expand