Principals' and Teachers' Perceptions of Learning Disabilities: A Study from NARA Prefecture, Japan

  title={Principals' and Teachers' Perceptions of Learning Disabilities: A Study from NARA Prefecture, Japan},
  author={Mika Kataoka and Christina E. van Kraayenoord and John Elkins},
  journal={Learning Disability Quarterly},
  pages={161 - 175}
In this study, perceptions of learning disabilities were obtained from 128 principals and 123 teachers in the Nara Prefecture, Japan. A factor analysis indicated that five factors underlie perceptions of learning disabilities: changes in the family and social situation, insufficient knowledge of and support for learning disabilities, teachers' abilities and professional development, teachers' situation and governmental issues. Teachers' situation was perceived to be the main factor, whereas the… 

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English translation of "The final report on guidance/education planning for children with learning disabilities

  • (in Japan,
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