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Principales problemas podológicos originados por el calzado de seguridad

  title={Principales problemas podol{\'o}gicos originados por el calzado de seguridad},
  author={Elena Sellers Asensio},

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Calzado laboral y actuación podológica Occupational shoes and podiatric actuation

The use of work shoe to prevent of the direct trauma in the foot and nail and other risks, so much chemical risks and biological and environmental risks, as well is a causing factor in the production of the podiatric pathology.

Shoe concerns and foot problems of wearers of safety footwear.

An investigation of the problems reported by 321 workers employed in a broad range of work activities and required to wear safety footwear was conducted in 1990 and 1991, finding that most considered that the safety footwear either caused the problem or adversely affected an existing foot condition.

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