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Principal ∞-bundles - General theory

  title={Principal ∞-bundles - General theory},
  author={Thomas Nickelsen Nikolaus and Urs Schreiber and Danny Stevenson},
The theory of principal bundles makes sense in any ∞-topos, such as the ∞-topos of topological, of smooth, or of otherwise geometric ∞-groupoids/∞-stacks, and more generally in slices of these. It provides a natural geometric model for structured higher nonabelian cohomology and controls general fiber bundles in terms of associated bundles. For suitable choices of structure ∞-group G these G-principal ∞-bundles reproduce the theories of ordinary principal bundles, of bundle gerbes/principal 2… 

Principal ∞-Bundles and Smooth String Group Models

We provide a general, homotopy-theoretic definition of string group models within an ∞-category of smooth spaces, and we present new smooth models for the string group. Here, a smooth space is a

Smooth 2-Group Extensions and Symmetries of Bundle Gerbes

We study bundle gerbes on manifolds M that carry an action of a connected Lie group G. We show that these data give rise to a smooth 2-group extension of G by the smooth 2-group of hermitean line

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We elaborate on the construction of a prequantum 2-Hilbert space from a bundle gerbe over a 2-plectic manifold, providing the first steps in a programme of higher geometric quantisation of closed

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We present a construction of a 2-Hilbert space of sections of a bundle gerbe, a suitable candidate for a prequantum 2-Hilbert space in higher geometric quantisation. We introduce a direct sum on the


Characteristic classes are invariants for principal bundles that take values in the cohomology of the base space. In the first part of this paper, we propose a uniform interpretation of arbitrary

The 2-Hilbert Space of a Prequantum Bundle Gerbe

We construct a prequantum 2-Hilbert space for any line bundle gerbe whose Dixmier-Douady class is torsion. Analogously to usual prequantisation, this 2-Hilbert space has the category of sections of

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We characterize, for every higher smooth stack equipped with "tangential structure", the induced higher group extension of the geometric realization of its higher automorphism stack. We show that



Principal ∞-bundles : presentations

We discuss two aspects of the presentation of the theory of principal ∞-bundles in an ∞-topos, introduced in Nikolaus et al. (Principal ∞-bundles: general theory, 2012), in terms of categories of

Homotopical algebraic geometry. I. Topos theory.

Classification of extensions of principal bundles and transitive Lie groupoids with prescribed kernel and cokernel

The equivalence of principal bundles with transitive Lie groupoids due to Ehresmann is a well-known result. A remarkable generalization of this equivalence, given by Mackenzie, is the equivalence of

Twisted Differential String and Fivebrane Structures

In the background effective field theory of heterotic string theory, the Green-Schwarz anomaly cancellation mechanism plays a key role. Here we reinterpret it and its magnetic dual version in terms

Bundle 2‐gerbes

We make the category BGrbM of bundle gerbes on a manifold M into a 2‐category by providing 2‐cells in the form of transformations of bundle gerbe morphisms. This description of BGrbM as a 2‐category

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We explore an approach to twisted generalized cohomology from the point of view of stable homotopy theory and quasicategory theory provided by arXiv:0810.4535. We explain the relationship to the

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This thesis consists of two articles. Both articles concern homotopical algebra. In Paper I we study functors indexed by a small category into a model category whose value at each morphism is a weak

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Abstract: In this note we introduce the notion of bundle gerbe K-theory and investigate the relation to twisted K-theory. We provide some examples. Possible applications of bundle gerbe K-theory to

Segal topoi and stacks over Segal categories

In math.AG/0207028 we began the study of higher sheaf theory (i.e. stacks theory) on higher categories endowed with a suitable notion of topology: precisely, we defined the notions of S-site and of