Primordial magnetic fields from cosmological phase transitions

  title={Primordial magnetic fields from cosmological phase transitions},
  author={Daniel Boyanovsky and H{\'e}ctor J. de Vega and Michele Simionato},
We study the generation of large scale primordial magnetic fields by a cosmological phase transition during the radiation dominated era. The setting is a theory of N charged scalar fields coupled to an abelian gauge field, that undergoes a phase transition at a critical temperature much larger than the electroweak scale. The dynamics after the transition features two distinct stages: a spinodal regime dominated by linear long-wavelength instabilities, and a scaling stage in which the non… Expand
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Primordial magnetic fields from inflation
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Electric charge asymmetry of the Universe and magnetic field generation.
  • Dolgov, Silk
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • 1993
If at an early stage of the evolution of the Universe the gauge symmetry of electromagnetism was spontaneously broken, an electric charge asymmetry would develop and be large enough to seed the observed magnetic fields in galaxies via a protogalactic dynamo. Expand
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