Primordial backgrounds of relic gravitons

  title={Primordial backgrounds of relic gravitons},
  author={Massimo Giovannini},
  journal={Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics},
  • M. Giovannini
  • Published 15 December 2019
  • Physics
  • Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics
Relic gravitons at intermediate frequencies and the expansion history of the Universe
The early expansion history of the Universe is constrained by combining the most recent limits on the cosmic gravitons in the audio band and the claimed evidences of the nHz domain. The simplest
The refractive index of the relic gravitons and the nHz band
If the refractive index of the relic gravitons increases during a conventional stage of inflationary evolution the spectral energy density is blue at intermediate frequencies above the fHz and then
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We would like to emphasize that, extraordinary physical concepts like Big bang, Inflation, Dark energy and Superluminal expansion demand super-normal efforts and need observational support.
High-frequency graviton from inflaton oscillation
We point out that there is a high-frequency tail of the stochastic inflationary gravitational wave background that scales as $f^{-1/2}$ with frequency $f$. This contribution comes from the graviton
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We study the impact of the viscous effects of the primordial plasma on the evolution of the primordial gravitational waves (pGW) spectrum from Inflation until today, considering a self-consistent
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Unification point of view, quantum cosmology must be given a priority and one should make a note that, Spin is a basic property of quantum physics and rotation is a very common experience. In this
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Stochastic backgrounds of relic gravitons: a theoretical appraisal
Stochastic backgrounds or relic gravitons, if ever detected, will constitute a prima facie evidence of physical processes taking place during the earliest stages of the evolution of the plasma. The
Cosmic backgrounds of relic gravitons and their absolute normalization
Provided the consistency relations are not violated, the recent BICEP2 observations pin down the absolute normalization, the spectral slope and the maximal frequency of the cosmic graviton background
Post-inflationary thermal histories and the refractive index of relic gravitons
We investigate the impact of the post-inflationary thermal histories on the cosmic graviton spectrum caused by the inflationary variation of their refractive index. Depending on the frequency band,
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The energy spectra of gravitational waves (GWs) produced in quintessential inflationary models increase in frequency and exhibit a sharp spike around 170 GHz where the associated fraction of critical
Effective energy density of relic gravitons
The energy density, the pressure and the anisotropic stress of the relic gravitons do not have a unique gauge-invariant and frame-invariant expression since the equivalence principle ultimately
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We show that the presence of primordial stochastic (hypercharge) magnetic fields before the elec-troweak (EW) phase transition induces isocurvature fluctuations (baryon number
Scalar modes of the relic gravitons
In conformally flat background geometries the long wavelength gravitons can be described in the fluid approximation and they induce scalar fluctuations both during inflation and in the subsequent