Primitives for the manipulation of general subdivisions and the computation of Voronoi

  title={Primitives for the manipulation of general subdivisions and the computation of Voronoi},
  author={Leonidas J. Guibas and Jorge Stolfi},
  journal={ACM Trans. Graph.},
The following problem is discussed: given n points in the plane (the sites) and an arbitrary query point q, find the site that is closest to q. This problem can be solved by constructing the Voronoi diagram of the griven sites and then locating the query point inone of its regions. Two algorithms are given, one that constructs the Voronoi diagram in O(n log n) time, and another that inserts a new sit on O(n) time. Both are based on the use of the Voronoi dual, or Delaunay triangulation, and are… 
Kinetic Line Voronoi Operations and Their Reversibility
This paper is using the Voronoi based Quad-edge data structure to define reversible map update operations, and shows an isomorphism between the set of complex operations on the kinetic Vor onoi diagram of points and open oriented line segments and its explanation using the commutative ring Z15 = Z/15Z.
Formal Study of Plane Delaunay Triangulation
This article presents the formal proof of correctness for a plane Delaunay triangulation algorithm and uses a generic approach expressing that any non-cyclic relation is well-founded when working on a finite set.
Primitives for the manipulation of three-dimensional subdivisions
  • Algorithmica
  • 2005
Terrain, dinosaurs and cadastres - options for three-dimensional modeling
The resulting b-rep is a direct extension of current 2D cadastral systems, where ownership is associated with specific surface patches, and believes this provides a simple and reliable extension that is sufficient for many applications.
Minimal length tree networks on the unit sphere
O(N logN) algorithms for computingDT,VD, andMST(V) as well as an O(NlogN) heuristic for finding a sub-optimalSMT(V%) solution are presented, together with experimental results for randomly distributed points on Φ.
Primitives for the manipulation of three-dimensional subdivisions
A data structure for representing three-dimensional cell complexes is proposed along with the primitive operations necessary to make it useful and applications of the structure are given.
Enviromental data visualisation using Delaunay triangulation
This article contains visualizations generated using Delauney triangulation to represent data on a map using strengths and weaknesses, comparative analysis with another solution, performance, and usage suggestions will be presented.
Enabling the Development and Implementation of Digital Twins: Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Construction Applications of Virtual Reality
This research presents a framework for the generation and automated assessment of inherent synthetic data that can be collected about users in VR within today’s construction sites and presents future avenues towards enhancing existing learning methods.
Constrained Construction of Planar Delaunay Triangulations without Flipping
A novel method of construction is proposed, which is based directly on the empty circle property of Delaunay, which permits convenient specification of the constraints and the triangulation of concave and multiply-connected domains.
Tessellations in GIS: Part I—putting it all together
  • C. Gold
  • Computer Science
    Geo spatial Inf. Sci.
  • 2016
It can be argued that tessellation models are fundamental to their understanding and processing of geographical space, and provide a coherent framework for understanding the “space” in which the authors exist.


Proximity and reachability in the plane.
The method is applicable for the construction of the Voronoi diagram for a set of more complex figures, e.g., polygons and circles in the Euclidean plane, if the given line segments from a simple polygon, O(NlogN) time is sufficient.
The Art of Computer Programming
The arrangement of this invention provides a strong vibration free hold-down mechanism while avoiding a large pressure drop to the flow of coolant fluid.
Voronoi Diagrams from Convex Hulls
Computing the n-Dimensional Delaunay Tesselation with Application to Voronoi Polytopes
Finding the Intersection of two Convex Polyhedra
Graph theory
Optimal Search in Planar Subdivisions
This work presents a practical algorithm for subdivision search that achieves the same (optimal) worst case complexity bounds as the significantly more complex algorithm of Lipton and Tarjan, namely $O(\log n)$ search time with $O(n)$ storage.
GWB: A Solid Modeler with Euler Operators
In Helsinki, a Small but General Set of Manipulative Operations for Boundary Models of Solid Objects Has Been Used to Construct a Comprehensive Solid Modeling System.