Primitive Reflexes and Attention-deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder : Developmental Origins of Classroom Dysfunction

  title={Primitive Reflexes and Attention-deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder : Developmental Origins of Classroom Dysfunction},
  author={Myra Taylor and Stephen Houghton and Elaine Chapman},
The present research studied the symptomatologic overlap of AD/HD behaviours and retention of four primitive reflexes (Moro, Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex [TLR], Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex [ATNR], Symmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex [STNR]) in 109 boys aged 7-10 years. Of these, 54 were diagnosed with AD/HD, 34 manifested subsyndromal coordination, learning, emotional and/or behavioural symptoms of AD/HD, and 21 had no (or near to no) symptoms of AD/HD. Measures of AD/HD symptomatology and of the… CONTINUE READING


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