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PrimerosregistrosdelafamiliaCorixidae(Hemiptera) enelembalseMacua,EstadodeMéxico First registration of the Corixidae (Hemiptera) family in the reservoir Macua, State of Mexico

  title={PrimerosregistrosdelafamiliaCorixidae(Hemiptera) enelembalseMacua,EstadodeM{\'e}xico First registration of the Corixidae (Hemiptera) family in the reservoir Macua, State of Mexico},
  author={Gilberto Contreras Rivero and Aurora Mart{\'i}nez T{\'e}llez and Norma Ang{\'e}lica and Nissanka Salgado and Paola Margarita and Arteaga Garrido and Adriana Garc{\'i}a Arroyo},
The first data Corixidae (Hemiptera) from a sampling in the reservoir station Macua, Mexico State have been released. Variable physical and chemical: depth, transparency, temperature, oxygen, pH, conductivity, hardness and alkalinity were measured. The Corixids captured from 11: 00 to 16: 00 hours April 17, 2009 with a spoon network. 3,877 Corixids (1,619 females and males 1,027 and 1,231 unidentified nymphs) were recorded. Four species were recorded: Trichocorixella mexicana, Graptocorixa… 



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