Primeros registros de Gomphomacromia fallax (Odonata: Corduliidae) en Colombia

  title={Primeros registros de Gomphomacromia fallax (Odonata: Corduliidae) en Colombia},
  author={Cornelio A Bota-Sierra and Nathalie Baena-Bejarano and R. ChristianBerm{\'u}dez},
  journal={Revista Colombiana de Entomolog{\'i}a},
Se registra por primera vez a Gomphomacromia phallax en Colombia extendiendo su rango más al norte de Suramérica. La especie se registra en regiones boscosas de los Andes colombianos entre 1.700 y 2.800 msnm. 

Primer registro de los géneros Diaphlebia Selys, 1854, Argyrothemis Ris 1909 y Fylgia Kirby 1889 para Colombia (Odonata: Gomphidae, Libellulidae)

Se reportan por primera vez para Colombia los generos Diaphlebia, Argyrothemis y Fylgia, recolectados en la Reserva Natural El Caduceo, en San Martin (Dpto. del Meta). Los ejemplares fueron

First record of the damselfly genus Anisagrion (Odonata: Coenagrionidae) from Colombia

The genus Anisagrion and the species Anisagrion inornatum are reported for the first time from Colombia. Currently the genus is known from Central America, Venezuela, and Ecuador.



A synopsis of the South American genus Gomphomacromia (Odonata: Gomphomacromiinae)

Examination of a large series of specimens from central and southern Chile and Argentina identified both as G. paradoxa and G. chilensis and specimens identified as that species from Chile shows the proposed diagnostic characters for the two taxa variable, thus G. etcheverryi is considered a junior synonym of G. Paradoxa.

Global diversity of dragonflies (Odonata) in freshwater

Diversity is discussed, the biogeography of dragonflies in the different biogeographical regions is summarised and the total number of species and genera per family perBiogeographical region is given.

Dragonfly Genera of the New World: An Illustrated and Annotated Key to the Anisoptera

This volume provides fully illustrated and up-to-date keys for all dragonfly genera with descriptive text for each genus, accompanied by distribution maps and 1,595 diagnostic illustrations, including wing patterns and characteristics of the genitalia.

Additions to the description of Gomphomacromia nodistica Ris , 1928 ( Anisoptera : Corduliidae )

  • Bulletin of American Odonatology
  • 2000