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Primates. Comparative Anatomy and Taxonomy. Vol. 6, Catarrhini, Cercopithecoidea, Cercopithecinae

  title={Primates. Comparative Anatomy and Taxonomy. Vol. 6, Catarrhini, Cercopithecoidea, Cercopithecinae},
  author={H. R. Catchpole and G. van Wagenen},
  journal={The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine},
  pages={336 - 338}
With Volume Six, Osman Hill's Primates definitively achieves monumental status. Subtitled, Comparative Anatomy and Taxonomy, the author clearly invites attention from these disciplines. The present review will attempt to examine some of the "fall-out," the functional aspects of the primates which the author has generously included in this and previous volumes. It can be stated at once that this aspect of Primates is exceedingly valuable, in that behavioral and physiological phenomena can be… Expand
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