Primate-specific evolution of noncoding element insertion into PLA2G4C and human preterm birth

  title={Primate-specific evolution of noncoding element insertion into PLA2G4C and human preterm birth},
  author={Jevon Plunkett and Scott Doniger and Thomas M. Morgan and Ritva Haataja and Mikko K. Hallman and Hilkka Puttonen and Ramkumar Menon and Edward Kuczynski and Errol R. Norwitz and Victoria V Snegovskikh and Aarno V Palotie and L. Peltonen and Vineta Fellman and Emily A. DeFranco and Bimal P. Chaudhari and John A. Oates and Olivier Boutaud and Tracy L. McGregor and Jude J. McElroy and Kari Atle Teramo and Ingrid B. Borecki and Justin C. Fay and Louis J. Muglia},
  booktitle={BMC Medical Genomics},
The onset of birth in humans, like other apes, differs from non-primate mammals in its endocrine physiology. We hypothesize that higher primate-specific gene evolution may lead to these differences and target genes involved in human preterm birth, an area of global health significance. We performed a comparative genomics screen of highly conserved noncoding elements and identified PLA2G4C, a phospholipase A isoform involved in prostaglandin biosynthesis as human accelerated. To examine whether… CONTINUE READING


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