Primate cognition: from 'what now?' to 'what if?'.

  title={Primate cognition: from 'what now?' to 'what if?'.},
  author={Louise Barrett and Peter S. Henzi and Robin Dunbar},
  journal={Trends in cognitive sciences},
  volume={7 11},
The 'social brain' hypothesis has had a major impact on the study of comparative cognition. However, despite a strong sense, gained from both experimental and observational work, that monkeys and apes differ from each other, we are still no closer to understanding exactly how they differ. We hypothesize that the dispersed social systems characteristic of ape societies explains why monkeys and apes should differ cognitively. The increased cognitive control and analogical reasoning ability needed… CONTINUE READING

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Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences • 2017

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