Primarygerm Cell Tumor of the Mediastinum

  title={Primarygerm Cell Tumor of the Mediastinum},
  author={Rajeev Singal and Ashwani Kumar Dalal and Usha Rani Dalal and A. K. Attri and Sanjay Gupta},
Germ cell tumors compromise 15-20% of all anterior mediastinal masses; 50-60% ofthese are benign mediastinal teratoma. There may be mature, immature, and rarely with malignant component within the tumor mass. There are more chances of malignancy with immature type. We are reporting a case in 20-year young male diagnosed as giant benign cystic teratoma which was adherent to superior vena cava. The patient underwent surgical excision. In follow up of 2 years, the patient is not having any… CONTINUE READING

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