[Primary volvulus of the small intestine: vascular-like acute abdomen].


The Authors discuss etiology, clinical picture, diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities of intestinal volvulus, an uncommon disease in Europe, thinking of a case of primitive small intestine volvulus, recently observed, and considering the literature. The Authors have come to the conclusion that in all the cases of intestinal occlusion, in emergency hospitalization, it is important to suspect the intestinal volvulus and to operate on the patient urgently to avoid the raise of postoperative mortality in all the cases complicated with intestinal gangrene.

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@article{Damiani1998PrimaryVO, title={[Primary volvulus of the small intestine: vascular-like acute abdomen].}, author={Sara Damiani and Massimo Ruscazio and Antonio Ciulla and Gabrielle Miceli and Giovanni Tomasello}, journal={Il Giornale di chirurgia}, year={1998}, volume={19 6-7}, pages={281-3} }