Primary vaginal melanoma: improved survival with radical pelvic surgery.

  title={Primary vaginal melanoma: improved survival with radical pelvic surgery.},
  author={Kristi Van Nostrand and Joseph A. Lucci and Matthias Schell and Michael L. Berman and Alberto Manetta and Philip John Disaia},
  journal={Gynecologic oncology},
  volume={55 2},
Primary vaginal melanoma is an aggressive and rare gynecological malignancy with < 150 reported cases to date. Historically, patients with this disease have a poor prognosis for all types of treatment. In several studies containing small numbers of patients conservative therapy often has been recommended. Eight patients from our institute with this disease were divided into two groups according to therapy: Group A, radical (4); and Group B, conservative (4). The groups were compared for stage… CONTINUE READING


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