Primary structure and antibacterial activity of chicken bone marrow-derived beta-defensins.

  title={Primary structure and antibacterial activity of chicken bone marrow-derived beta-defensins.},
  author={Chrystelle Derache and Val{\'e}rie Labas and Vincent Aucagne and Herv{\'e} Meudal and C{\'e}line Landon and Agn{\`e}s F. Delmas and Thierry Magallon and A C Lalmanach},
  journal={Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy},
  volume={53 11},
Three biologically active beta-defensins were purified by chromatography from chicken bone marrow extract: avian beta-defensin 1 (AvBD1), AvBD2, and the newly isolated beta-defensin AvBD7. Mass spectrometry analyses showed that bone marrow-derived AvBD1, -2, and -7 peptides were present as mature peptides and revealed posttranslational modifications for AvBD1 and AvBD7 in comparison to their in silico-predicted amino acid sequences. Tandem mass spectrometry analysis using the nanoelectrospray… CONTINUE READING


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Avian defensins . Vet . Immunol . Immunopathol

G. Baggerman, W. D’Hertog, E. Vierstraete, S. J. Husson, L. Schoofs

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