[Primary speciation analysis of iron in edible flowers].


In this paper seven primary speciations of iron in three edible flowers, i.e. chrysanthemum, cottonrose hibiscus and honeysucker have been studied by atomic absorption spectrometry. Speciation parameters of iron such as extractive rate, residue rate, immerse-residue ratio in the samples were calculated. It was found that the first extractive rates of Fe were higher than the second ones in all three edible flowers, and the immerse-residue ratios of Fe were similar to the extractive rates. But the extraction of iron in all three edible flowers were no more than fifty percent. It is showed that the iron isn't easy to extract by water in the three edible flowers. The recovery was in the range of 96.5%-103.2% and RSD was in the range of 1.2%-3.1%. The results were satisfactory.

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@article{Peng2003PrimarySA, title={[Primary speciation analysis of iron in edible flowers].}, author={Shan-shan Peng and Guo-Qing Huang}, journal={Guang pu xue yu guang pu fen xi = Guang pu}, year={2003}, volume={23 1}, pages={75-7} }