Primary sarcoma of the aortic wall

  title={Primary sarcoma of the aortic wall},
  author={Manabu Hashimoto and Ryuji Sashi and Jiro Watarai},
  journal={CardioVascular and Interventional Radiology},
Pr imary tumors o f the aort ic wa l l are unusual . B e c a u s e o f their rar i ty and the fact that these tumors can m i m i c var ious o the r c l in ica l cond i t ions such as a therosc le ro t i c disease, d i s sec t ing aneu rysm, o r coarc ta t ion , they are s e l d o m suspec ted and d i a g n o s e d p r e -ope ra t i ve ly or dur ing a n t e… CONTINUE READING