Primary pulmonary neoplasms of childhood: a review.

  title={Primary pulmonary neoplasms of childhood: a review.},
  author={Gary E. Hartman and Stephen J. Shochat},
  journal={The Annals of thoracic surgery},
  volume={36 1},
Primary tumors of the lung rarely occur in children. However, 230 well-documented cases, including the 2 presented in this review, have been identified in the English-language literature. One hundred fifty-one tumors in these reports were classified as malignant lesions and 79 as benign neoplasms. Bronchial "adenomas" constituted the largest group; most of these lesions were of the carcinoid variety, and 8% were definitely malignant. Forty-seven cases of bronchogenic carcinoma were reported in… CONTINUE READING


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