Primary productivity of natural grass ecosystems of the tropics: A reappraisal

  title={Primary productivity of natural grass ecosystems of the tropics: A reappraisal},
  author={Stephen P Long and Edmundo Garc{\'i}a Moya and S. K. Imbamba and A. Kamnalrut and Maria Tereza F. Piedade and J. M. O. Scurlock and Yuan Kui Shen and David O. Hall},
  journal={Plant and Soil},
Studies of net primary production in four contrasting tropical grasslands show that when full account is taken of losses of plant organs above- and below-ground these ecosystems are far more productive than earlier suggested. Previous values have mainly been provided by the International Biological Programme (IBP), where estimates of production were based on a change in vegetation mass alone and would not necessarily have taken full account of organ losses and turnover. Calculation at three of… CONTINUE READING
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