Primary peripheral B cell lymphoma, Burkitt-like, of the cranial vault.

  title={Primary peripheral B cell lymphoma, Burkitt-like, of the cranial vault.},
  author={Akiko Tanimura and Yasushi Adachi and Mariko Tanda and Hiroo Yuasa and Yoshifumi Ishii and Yasuo Katou},
  journal={Acta haematologica},
  volume={113 4},
We report an autopsy case of malignant lymphoma of the cranial vault. The patient was an 85-year-old woman who exhibited a painless subcutaneous scalp lump associated with no neurological abnormalities. CT scan and magnetic resonance imaging of the head showed an extra-intra cranial isodensity lesion of the cranial vault. Autopsy revealed that the tumor was composed of medium-sized cells which were immunoreactive with CD45, CD20, CD79a, and CD10, and a diagnosis of peripheral B cell lymphoma… CONTINUE READING


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