Primary pancreatic carcinoid tumour.


36 cells and excreting serotinin derivatives. Carcinoid tumors most commonly arise in the midgut organs, less commonly in hindgut organs and rarely in organs derived from embryonic foregut. The colonic carcinoids exhibit the maximum potential to metastasize with metastasis occuring in 60-70% of the tumors. In contrast although appendix constitute the most commonest site of carcinoid, only 2-3% of appedicular carcinoid have metastasis at presentation. Carciniod tumors commonly metastasize to regional lymph nodes and liver. In the classic histological terminology,carcinoid lesions are widely regarded as malignant neoplasm.[2] Incidence of metastasis in primary pancreatic carcinoid was about 72% and about 20% of patients presented with carcinoid syndrome.[3] Primary pancreatic carcinoid tumour

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