Primary neurocytoma in the spinal cord. A case report.


Central neurocytoma is defined as an intraventricular benign brain tumor. Extraventricular location of central neurocytoma is rare: only nine cases of spinal neurocytoma had been reported in the English literature. We hereby present a case of atypical neurocytoma involving unusual long segments (8-segment) of cervico-thoracic spinal cord in a 29-year-old… (More)


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@article{Wu2006PrimaryNI, title={Primary neurocytoma in the spinal cord. A case report.}, author={Chinchun Wu and Yu-Shu Yen and Donald Mink-Tak Ho and Wanyuo Guo}, journal={The neuroradiology journal}, year={2006}, volume={19 5}, pages={672-8} }