Primary malignant melanoma in the parotid gland.

  title={Primary malignant melanoma in the parotid gland.},
  author={Murat Bahar and Yakir Anavi and Arun Abraham and Mina Ben-Bassat},
  journal={Oral surgery, oral medicine, and oral pathology},
  volume={70 5},
Reports of primary malignant melanoma arising from the parotid salivary gland are extremely rare and, to date, have been sporadic. We report a pertinent case, and tabulate and correlate the clinical findings of the 13 cases reported thus far in the literature. The most common symptom is a progressively enlarging, asymptomatic, firm, and fixed mass. Total excision has been the established treatment of choice. The contribution of radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy remains unclear, and… CONTINUE READING