Primary leptomeningeal histiocytic lymphoma in a young child.

  title={Primary leptomeningeal histiocytic lymphoma in a young child.},
  author={C Froil{\'a}n Torres and David Nathan Korones and James M. Powers and Andrew Vadasz},
  journal={Medical and pediatric oncology},
  volume={27 6},
A 20-month-old boy had an 8-week history of vomiting, lethargy, generalized muscle weakness, and seizures. There was no history or clinical signs of an underlying systemic disease or an immunodeficiency. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) had 99 nucleated cells/cu mm, malignant cells, high protein and normal glucose. CT and MRI scans showed diffuse meningeal enhancement around the brain and spinal cord, but no parenchymal involvement. Biopsy of the leptomeninges showed malignant cells with marked… CONTINUE READING


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