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Primary hydatid disease of the chest wall.

  title={Primary hydatid disease of the chest wall.},
  author={Alper Fındıkçıoğlu and Dalokay Kılıç and Tuba Canpolat and Ahmet Rahmi Hatipoğlu},
  journal={Annals of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery : official journal of the Association of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons of Asia},
  volume={13 3},
The chest wall is an unusual location for primary echinococcus disease. We report on case of a primary chest wall hydatid cysts, resembling a mass lesion, in a 50-year-old woman who had no prior surgery for hydatid disease before. Chest wall hydatid disease should be considered in the atypical location and differential diagnosis of chest wall masses. 
Primary hydatid disease of chest wall mimicking chest wall mass-case report
Primary hydatid disease of chest wall can present as a chest wall mass and anti-parasite drugs and scolicidal agents can also be used. Expand
Primary Hydatid Disease of the Chest Wall Presenting as a Chest Wall Tumor
A case of primary chest wall hydatid cyst mimicking chest wall tumor is presented and it is shown that chest wall involvement by hydatids cyst is a rare condition, which may be misdiagnosed as chest wall tumors in the endemic areas. Expand
The many faces of hydatid disease
A 35-year-old man presented with a right chest wall mass. Chest radiographs revealed pleural thickening underlying a soft tissue mass which obscured the 5th to 7th ribs, and an expansile osteolyticExpand
Primary chest wall hydatidosis
A multiloculated mass in the thoracic chest wall may well represent a hydatid cyst and a radiographic confirmation obviates the need for further manipulation until the definitive surgical resection. Expand
Hydatid Cyst of the Rib: A New Case and Review of the Literature
A 35-year-old man with a hydatid cyst of the rib complicated with cutaneous fistula was diagnosed and Albendazole was administered to prevent relapse. Expand
Primary Chest Wall Hydatid Cyst Göğüs Duvarinin Primer Hidatik Kisti
Chest wall hydatid disease should be considered in the differential diagnosis of chest wall mass especially in endemic areas, despite several important advances in the control of this disease. Expand
Though it is rare, pleural hydatid disease should be kept in mind, especially in the deferential diagnosis of a mass lesion in the chest, and the appropriate surgical precautions should be taken. Expand
Unusual location of hydatid cyst: thoracic outlet Kist hidatiğin siradişi yerleşim yeri: Torasik outlet
A 49-year-old female patient is reported with a histopathologically proven hydatid cyst which was located in the right thoracic outlet region which has not been previously reported. Expand
Presacralhydatid Cyst: An Exceptional Presentation
Presacralhydatid cysts are rare entities, but must be considered in differential diagnosis of space-occupying lesions in presacral region in order to prevent recurrences. Expand
A Soft Tissue Aneurysmal Bone Cyst in Thoracic Cavity
A case of primary aneurysmal bone cyst of the soft tissue in the thoracic cavity of a 15-year-old boy is described, which was initially considered cyst hydatid on radiological imaging, but microscopic features of the tumor were identical to those of classical aneurYSmal bone Cyst. Expand


Chest wall echinococcosis.
Six patients were operated on because of chest wall hydatid cysts between the years 1989 to 1991; the chest wall was the primary site in two patients. Expand
Unusual Radiologic Manifestations of the Echinococcus Infection in the Thorax
This pictorial essay presents imaging findings and describes treatment of thoracic hydatid cysts in patients with lung, mediastinal, chest wall, cardiac, endobronchial, pulmonary artery, and diaphragmatic involvement. Expand
Unusually located hydatid cysts: intrathoracic but extrapulmonary.
Hydatid cyst may be found in many different sites, including extrapulmonarily in the thorax, and bearing this in mind will facilitate planning of the operation. Expand
Experience in the surgical treatment of 331 patients with pulmonary hydatidosis.
Among the total of 508 surgical procedures performed, pulmonary cystectomy was the most common (61.4%), whereas pulmonary resection was used in 31.4% of patients. Expand
Thoracic hydatid cysts: a report of 842 cases treated over a thirty-year period.
  • Z. Qian
  • Medicine
  • The Annals of thoracic surgery
  • 1988
From 1957 to 1985, 842 patients were diagnosed as having thoracic hydatid cysts; 810 cysts were intrathoracic, 29 occurred on the "liver roof," 2 were cardiac, and 1 was on the chest wall, and 79% of the procedures were endocystectomies. Expand
The migration of oncospheres of Taenia pisiformis, T. serialis and Echinococcus granulosus within the intermediate host.
  • D. D. Heath
  • Biology, Medicine
  • International journal for parasitology
  • 1971
Parenteral inoculations of activated oncospheres indicated that T. serialis oncosphere were able to pass through both the liver and lungs in order to reach the muscles, and E. granulosus oncspheres infecting the lung may reach that organ in the lymph. Expand
Surgery of pulmonary hydatid cysts. Review of 155 cases.
  • A. Sarsam
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