Primary great saphenous vein leiomyosarcoma: Report of a case

  title={Primary great saphenous vein leiomyosarcoma: Report of a case},
  author={Enzo Mammano and Antonio L{\'o}pez Zan{\'o}n and Gianfranco Picchi and C. Rossi and G Rossi and Marco Cosci and Diego Miotto and Donato Nitti},
  journal={Surgery Today},
Leiomyosarcomas rarely arise in primary veins, especially the great saphenous vein. We have found only 20 case reports of leiomyosarcoma arising in the great saphenous vein, most of which manifested as nonspecific symptoms of advanced disease, such as a palpable mass, swelling, and back or abdominal pain. We report the case of greater saphenous vein leiomyosarcoma diagnosed in a 48-year-old man with a 4-month history of an inguinal mass. Ultrasonography and computed tomography showed a 6-cm… CONTINUE READING


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