Primary genetic linkage maps of the ascidian, Ciona intestinalis.

  title={Primary genetic linkage maps of the ascidian, Ciona intestinalis.},
  author={Shungo Kano and Noriyuki Satoh and Paolo Sordino},
  journal={Zoological science},
  volume={23 1},
For whole-genome analysis in a basal chordate (protochordate), we used F1 pseudo-testcross mapping strategy and amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) markers to construct primary linkage maps of the ascidian tunicate Ciona intestinalis. Two genetic maps consisted of 14 linkage groups, in agreement with the haploid chromosome number, and contained 276 and 125 AFLP loci derived from crosses between British and Neapolitan individuals. The two maps covered 4218.9 and 2086.9 cM, respectively… CONTINUE READING