Primary gastrointestinal lymphoma: a review of 21 cases.

  title={Primary gastrointestinal lymphoma: a review of 21 cases.},
  author={Zvi Kaufman and Avinoam Eliashiv and Baruch Shpitz and Misha Witz and B. Griffel and Alex Dinbar},
  journal={Journal of surgical oncology},
  volume={26 1},
A retrospective study of 21 patients who had suffered from gastrointestinal lymphoma was carried out. Gastric involvement was more common than involvement of the small or large intestine and carried a better prognosis. Gastrointestinal lymphoma generally occurs most frequently during the fourth to seventh decades of life. In our study, however, five lymphomas occurred in patients under 20 years of age. Clinical symptoms were nonspecific, and abdominal mass was found in only 15% of the patients… CONTINUE READING