Primary ectopic breast cancer presenting as a vulvar mass.

  title={Primary ectopic breast cancer presenting as a vulvar mass.},
  author={Gilberto de Lima Lopes and Teresa DeCesare and Giselle B. Ghurani and Vladimir Vincek and M. Vendrell Jord{\`a} and Stefan Gl{\"u}ck and Orlando Silva},
  journal={Clinical breast cancer},
  volume={7 3},
Ectopic breast tissue is found along the primitive embryonic milk lines, which extend from the axilla to the groin. Rarely, its occurrence has been described in the vulva. We report a patient who developed primary adenocarcinoma of ectopic breast tissue in such a location and present a review of the pertinent medical literature. The predominant pathology is that of invasive ductal carcinoma; however, other tumor types have also been reported in accessory breast tissue. Its treatment usually… CONTINUE READING
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