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Primary dysmenorrhea: current concepts.

  title={Primary dysmenorrhea: current concepts.},
  author={S J Voto and G F Essig},
  journal={The Ohio State medical journal},
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The discussion reports on the history, etiology, and the relationship of prostaglandins to primary dysmenorrhea, reviews old and new drugs used in the treatment; and considers future research. The history of dysmenorrhea dates back to the Greeks who defined the word as "painful menstrual flow." In 1865 the 1st surgical approach was used, consisting of a bilateral oophorectomy followed by other procedures. The relationship of dysmenorrhea and ovulation was discovered in 1938 and was treated by… 
Approach to dysmenorrhoea in ancient ages and its current relevance.
The review will focus on ancient concepts of dysmenorrhoea in different era with available research studies on prescribed treatments in order to understand the alternative holistic approach.
Impact of pregnancy on primary dysmenorrhea
Genetic and environmental factors in primary dysmenorrhea and its relationship to anxiety, depression, and neuroticism
Over 1200 pairs of female monozygotic and dizygotic twins with regular menses reported on the amount of flow, severity of pain, and degree of limitation experienced during menstruation and gene action specifically affecting menstrual pain and also menstrual flow was shown to be almost entirely genetic in origin.
Foraging and menstruation in the Hadza of Tanzania
King's College Studentship, Cambridge Overseas Trust, Cambridge Philosophical Society, John Templeton Foundation
Dysmenorrhea in the Adolescent