Primary cutaneous meningioma of the scalp: a case report and review of literature.


Meningiomas of the skin are rare tumors that can pose considerable diagnostic challenges to the pathologist. This study presents a case of primary cutaneous meningioma in a newly born baby girl that presents with a subcutaneous nodule on the left posterior occipital scalp. A Magnetic Resonance Imaging examination failed to detect any communication between the tumor site and the meninges. The mass was excised and intra -operatively, there was no evidence of connection between the tumor and the underlying tissues. Microscopically, the tumor was composed of banal looking, mitotically inactive spindle-shaped cells with a whorled configuration. Some cells were concentrically arranged around blood vessels. Immunohistochemical studies were positive for epithelial membrane antigen and vimentin. Immunostains for cytokeratin, S-100 protein, vascular (CD34 and CD31) and muscle markers (Desmin and smooth muscle actin) were negative. The diagnosis of cutaneous meningioma was established. A review of literature was presented.

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