Primary cutaneous T-cell lymphoma: review and current concepts.

  title={Primary cutaneous T-cell lymphoma: review and current concepts.},
  author={Robert S. Siegel and T L Pandolfino and J. Guitart and Steven T. Rosen and T M Kuzel},
  journal={Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology},
  volume={18 15},
PURPOSE Primary cutaneous T-cell lymphomas (CTCLs) encompass a wide variety of lymphomas that are characterized by the localization of the malignant lymphocytes to the skin at presentation. Advances in molecular biologic techniques, including immunophenotyping and gene rearrangement studies to determine clonality, have led to more frequent diagnosis of CTCL as well as more consistent subclassification of these entities. However, there continues to be confusion in the classification, prognosis… CONTINUE READING


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