Primary corneal melanocytoma in a Collie.


A 6-year-old female, spayed Collie was referred to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine for a 12-month history of a progressive right corneal mass. A superficial keratectomy was performed and histopathology revealed a corneal melanocytoma with complete excision. There has been no recurrence of the neoplasm to date (12 months). This is the first known report of an isolated corneal melanocytoma in a canine.

DOI: 10.1111/vop.12223

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@article{Bauer2015PrimaryCM, title={Primary corneal melanocytoma in a Collie.}, author={Bianca S Bauer and Marina L Leis and Soraya Sayi}, journal={Veterinary ophthalmology}, year={2015}, volume={18 5}, pages={429-32} }