Primary and index cases

  title={Primary and index cases},
  author={Johan Giesecke},
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Afectación familiar de la enfermedad de Hansen en Costa Rica
Objetivo: el contagio familiar de la enfermedad de Hansen es un hecho bien establecido;aunque la transmisibilidad es baja, los contactos intradomiciliarios de personas enfermassin tratamiento son unExpand
COVID-19 caseness: An epidemiologic perspective
  • A. El-Gilany
  • Psychology
  • Journal of Infection and Public Health
  • 2021
The concept of caseness in the COVID-19 virus is important for early case finding and reporting. These are essential steps for prevention and control. This review defines and differentiates betweenExpand
Estimating and interpreting secondary attack risk: Binomial considered biased.
An analysis of household surveillance data collected by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health during the 2009 influenza A (H1N1) pandemic shows that multiple generations of transmission can be neglected safely when p is small. Expand
Accounting for population structure reveals ambiguity in the Zaire Ebolavirus reservoir dynamics
It is found that the circulation dynamics of Ebola virus in its animal reservoir are highly uncertain and there is the need for a more fine-grained picture of the Ebola virus diversity in its reservoir to reliably infer the reservoir origin of outbreak lineages. Expand
Assessment of Lockdown Effectiveness in the Wake of COVID-19 in India Using the Auto Regressive Integrated Moving Average Model
In Gujarat and Delhi, the lockdown was not effective in controlling the rise in COVID-19 cases even after the 56th day of lockdown, whereas the Punjab state succeeded in preventing havoc of CO VID-19. Expand
Household transmission of seasonal coronavirus infections: Results from the Flu Watch cohort study
Most seasonal coronaviruses appear to be acquired outside the household, with relatively modest risk of onward transmission within households, with potential overlap between those demonstrating the highest point estimates for seasonal coronvirus transmission risk and COVID-19 susceptibility and poor illness outcomes. Expand
Suppressing COVID-19 transmission in Hong Kong: an observational study of the first four months
Background: Hong Kong was one of the first locations outside of mainland China to identify COVID-19 cases in January 2020. We assessed the impact of various public health measures onExpand
Comparison of Neutralizing Antibody Titers against Japanese Encephalitis Virus Genotype V Strain with Those against Genotype I and III Strains in the Sera of Japanese Encephalitis Patients in Japan in 2016.
The neutralizing antibody titers against the JEV genotype V strain were not higher than those against the genotype I or III strain in any serum samples, therefore, the evidence that the Jev genotypes V strain caused any JE case in Japan in 2016 was absent. Expand
Hospital-acquired malaria infections in the European Union 30 April 2018
  • 2018
Between January 2016 and April 2018, six sporadic hospital transmissions of malaria were identified in the European Union (EU). Although uncommon, hospital transmission of malaria has been describedExpand
The Largest Measles Outbreak, Including 38 Modified Measles and 22 Typical Measles Cases in Its Elimination Era in Yamagata, Japan, 2017.
To accurately and promptly diagnose individuals with measles, particularly those who can be considered as primary cases, efforts must be exerted to detect all measles cases using epidemiological and genetic approaches in countries where measles elimination had been achieved. Expand


A Dictionary of Epidemiology
The new edition of this classic text remains the definitive dictionary in epidemiology, and the dictionary goes beyond simple definitions, as it place each term firmly and clearly in its fuller epidemiologic context. Expand