Primary Vaginal Carcinoma, Tales of Tragedy : Case Report

  title={Primary Vaginal Carcinoma, Tales of Tragedy : Case Report},
  author={S. Shamshad Begum and Rowshan Jahan Akhter and Khadiza Begum},
  journal={Chattagram Maa-O-Shishu Hospital Medical College Journal},
Primary carcinoma of vagina is a rare entity in gynaecological oncology. Carcinoma of vagina in prolapsed uterus is extremely rare. A tumour should be considered as a primary vaginal carcinoma when cervix is uninvolved. Here two cases of primary vaginal carcinoma are reported. These cases were confirmed by histopathology and exclusion of carcinoma cervix, endometrium and ovary through meticulous physical examination and relevant investigations. These two patients were treated by radiotherapy… Expand
Primary Vaginal Invasive Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Rare Case Report
A case of primary squamous cell carcinoma of the vagina in a 62-year-old lady by histopathology is reported, which tempted us to report the case because of the rarity of the tumor and extremely strict criteria for diagnosis. Expand
Primary vaginal squamous cell carcinoma with bladder involvement in uterine prolapsed patient
Primary SCC mimicking decubitus which appeared in prolapsed vagina, may be accompanied by bladder involvement, and in the presented case additional bladder involvement was found. Expand
Isolated colon metastasis of vaginal cuff squamous cell carcinoma; a case report
A 40-year-old presented with abdominal pain in her right lower quadrant with past-medical history of vaginal cuff SCC without any metastasis about 2.5 years ago which was treated with a combination of surgery and radiotherapy. Expand
A Case Report of Vaginal Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Uterovaginal Prolapse
A case of 72 years postmenopausal women para 1, live 1, previous normal vaginal delivery , came with history ofmass descending per vaginum for the past 20 years and had an episodeof postmenopausalExpand
Is there an Association between Vaginal Cancer and Genital Prolapse? A Data-Analysis and Review of Literature
In addition to the HPV infection, patients with genital prolapsed and those with ongoing systemic corticosteroid therapy or other immunocompromising medications, should be perceived as risk groups and regularly examined. Expand


Management of a case of primary vaginal cancer with irreducible massive uterine prolapse--a case report.
A woman with vaginal cancer and Stage IV massive uterovaginal prolapsus was repositioned by surgical intervention prior to radiotherapy to avoid any potential vesicovaginals fistula formation. Expand
Primary invasive carcinoma of vagina with third degree uterovaginal prolapse: a case report and review of literature
Surgical treatment with or without radiotherapy as the optimum treatment for early stage and radiotherapy for advanced stage vaginal carcinoma associated with genital prolapse and vaginal ulcer associated with long standing genital Prolapse are suggested. Expand
Vaginal carcinoma in a completely prolapsed uterus. A case report
Surgical and radiotherapeutic treatments can be effectively combined in patients with vaginal carcinoma and complete genital prolapse, in order to improve survival benefits and reduce morbidity. Expand
A rare case of invasive vaginal carcinoma associated with vaginal prolapse
Careful preoperative histological evaluation of cervix in cases of uterine prolapse and postoperative cytologic and colposcopic follow-up of the vagina after hysterectomies are important because possible association with cervical carcinoma and occurrence of late vaginal cancer is possible. Expand
Primary Vaginal Carcinoma in Prolapsed Uterus
This work presents a novel, scalable and scalable approach that allows for real-time, 3D image analysis of the response of the immune system toBangladeshi meningitis. Expand
A rare cases of invasive vaginal carcinoma associated with vaginal prolapsed
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