Primary Pupillary Margin Cyst of the Iris Pigment Epithelium

  title={Primary Pupillary Margin Cyst of the Iris Pigment Epithelium},
  author={Rosanna Dammacco and Giovanni Giancipoli and Silvana Guerriero and Domenico Piscitelli and Nicola Cardascia},
Purpose: Description of a patient with a solitary cyst of the pupillary margin iris pigment epithelium (IPE). Methods: A 63-year-old man referred a suspected iris-ciliary body melanoma in his left eye. Based on both clinical examination and ultrasound biomicroscopy, melanoma was considered unlikely. Surgery was undertaken to correct recurrent deterioration of vision due to movement of the lesion across the visual axis. Results: The lesion was excised completely. Ultrasound biomicroscopy and… CONTINUE READING