Primary Prevention Programs for Children in the Social Service System


Providing effective social services for children and their families at high risk for substance abuse problems is a national concern. The paper presents the prevalence and incidence of children in need of social services due to child maltreatment, child poverty, parental incarceration, parental substance abuse, juvenile justice problems, child mental health and substance abuse problems, and homelessness. Next, the paper examines early childhood family education and family support approaches in primary prevention designed to meet the needs of these children. New research to understand developmental pathways that lead to substance abuse problems in these children is recommended.

DOI: 10.1023/A:1022272410628

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@article{Ruffolo2004PrimaryPP, title={Primary Prevention Programs for Children in the Social Service System}, author={Mary C. Ruffolo and Mary E. Evans and Ellen P. Lukens}, journal={Journal of Primary Prevention}, year={2004}, volume={23}, pages={425-450} }