Primary Pelvic Hydatid Cyst Obstructing the Labour

  title={Primary Pelvic Hydatid Cyst Obstructing the Labour},
  author={Sandhya S. Ware and Suwarna Bhupendra Patil and Dilip S. Sarate and Vinod K Sawaitul},
c Abstract: Hydatid disease, caused by Echinococcus granulosus, is a common parasitic infection of the liver. Primary pelvic hydatid cyst is an extremely rare condition and occurs in approximately 0.7% of patients. Hydatid disease in pregnancy is a very rare condition with incidence of 1/20000 pregnancies. We report here an unusual case of hydatid cyst of the pelvis in a 30 years old multigravida presenting with obstructed labour. Ultrasonography showed well defined mixechoic cystic mass in… CONTINUE READING