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Primary Hyperparathyroidism and Thyroid Cancer : A Case Series

  title={Primary Hyperparathyroidism and Thyroid Cancer : A Case Series},
  author={Lambreton-Hinojosa and Cruz-Gonz{\'a}lez and Luque-de-Le{\'o}n},
Primary hyperparathyroidism (PHTP) is the most common cause of outpatient hypercalcemia and has a prevalence of about one to seven cases per 1,000 adults. Concurrent thyroid disease and PHPT has been reported in 20% to 84% of the cases, although no causal relationship has been established. Malignant tumors of the thyroid are identified in approximately 2% to 20% of these cases. Papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) is the most common thyroid malignancy. Certain situations undoubtedly contribute to… 



Association of hyperparathyroidism with nonmedullary thyroid carcinoma: Review of 31 cases

It is suggested that during neck exploration for HPT, the entire thyroid gland be evaluated and all palpable nodules resected and submitted to pathologic study.

Incidental Finding of Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma in the Patients with Primary Hyperparathyroidism.

Investigating the incidence of the co-existence of pHPT and papillary thyroid cancer found the concurrence of PTC and pHPT at a rate of 2.6% which appeared as a coincidental pathology; however, thyroid disorders, seen in one of three patients with pHPT, were not uncommon.

Is preoperative investigation of the thyroid justified in patients undergoing parathyroidectomy for hyperparathyroidism?

The significant association of simultaneous pathology in the two glands justifies preoperative thyroid imaging and fine-needle aspiration (FNA) biopsy to determine the best surgical approach for patients with HPT.

Is Primary Hyperparathyroidism a Risk Factor for Papillary Thyroid Cancer? An Exemplar Study and Literature Review

Although thyroid nodularity among patients with PHPT was similar to the general population, PTC incidence was higher for patients with secondary hyperparathyroidism, and this study emphasized that PHPT should be considered as a noteworthy risk factor for PTC.

Surgeon-driven thyroid interrogation of patients presenting with primary hyperparathyroidism.

Preoperative evaluation of thyroid pathology in patients with primary hyperparathyroidism.

The prevalence of thyroid disease associated with hyperparathyroidism is high, and evaluation of the thyroid pathology by US enables the shift from bilateral neck exploration to the minimally invasive parathyroid surgery.

Recurrence of Hyperparathyroid Hypercalcemia in a Patient With the HRPT-2 Mutation and a Previous Parathyroid Carcinoma in Hyperparathyroidism-Jaw Tumor Syndrome

The recurrence of hyperparathyroid hypercalcemia in HTP-JT syndrome after an initial total parathyroidectomy is a well-known condition necessitating careful management, an evaluation of any underlying genetic abnormality, and a family examination.

Does Previous Head and Neck Irradiation Increase the Chance of Multigland Disease in Patients with Hyperparathyroidism?

Surgical outcomes are excellent in patients with a previous history of radiation and HPT who undergo parathyroidectomy, and previous radiation exposure does not appear to increase the likelihood of multigland disease in Patients with HPT.