Primary Cardiac Lymphoma Presenting With Atrioventricular Block

  title={Primary Cardiac Lymphoma Presenting With Atrioventricular Block},
  author={Sung Woo Cho and Yun Jeong Kang and Tae Hoon Kim and Sung Kyun Cho and Mee Won Hwang and Won Chang and Kun Joo Rhee and Byung Ok Kim and Choong Won Goh and Kyoung Min Park and Jeong Hoon Kim and Young Sup Byun and Young Jin Yuh},
  booktitle={Korean circulation journal},
Primary cardiac lymphomas (PCL) are extremely rare. Clinical manifestations may be variable and are attributed to location. Here, we report on a case of PCL presenting with atrioventricular (AV) block. A 55 year-old male had experienced chest discomfort with unexplained dyspnea and night sweating. His initial electrocardiogram (ECG) revealed a first degree AV block. Along with worsening chest discomfort and dyspnea, his ECG changed to show second degree AV block (Mobitz type I). Computed… CONTINUE READING