Primal-dual RNC approximation algorithms for (multi)-set (multi)-cover and covering integer programs

  title={Primal-dual RNC approximation algorithms for (multi)-set (multi)-cover and covering integer programs},
  author={Sridhar Rajagopalan and Vijay V. Vazirani},
We build on the classical greedy sequential set cover algorithm, in the spirit of the primal-dual schema, to obtain simple parallel approxima.tion algorithms for the set cover problem and its generalizations. Our algorithms use randomization, and our randomized voting lemmas may be of independent interest. Fast parallel approximation algorithms were known before for set cover [BRS89] [LN93], though not for any of its generalizations. 'Supported by NSF PYI Award CCR 88-96202 and NSF grant IRI 91… CONTINUE READING
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