• Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Published in SIAM J. Numerical Analysis 2008
  • DOI:10.1137/070691723

Primal and Dual Interface Concentrated Iterative Substructuring Methods

  title={Primal and Dual Interface Concentrated Iterative Substructuring Methods},
  author={Sven Beuchler and Tino Eibner and Ulrich Langer},
  journal={SIAM J. Numerical Analysis},
This paper is devoted to the fast solution of interface concentrated finite element equations. The interface concentrated finite element schemes are constructed on the basis of a nonoverlapping domain decomposition where a conforming boundary concentrated finite element approximation is used in every subdomain. Similar to boundary element domain decomposition methods, the total number of unknowns per subdomain behaves like $O((H/h)^{(d-1)})$, where $H$, $h$, and $d$ denote the usual scaling… CONTINUE READING


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