Pride and prejudice: celebrity versus fictional cougars

  title={Pride and prejudice: celebrity versus fictional cougars},
  author={Betty Kaklamanidou},
  journal={Celebrity Studies},
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This article explores the various forms that the ‘cougar’ – the mature and sophisticated woman who dates younger men – takes in television and film in the new millennium, contrasting fictional representations with ‘real’ celebrity cougars currently in the media spotlight. First, it examines the film cougar in a new cycle of the romantic comedy that emerged in the 2000s (Rebound (2009), I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007), Prime (2005), Something's Gotta Give (2003)); films which concentrate on… 

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  • M. Alarie
  • Sociology, Psychology
    Gender & Society
  • 2019
Commonly referred to as “cougars,” women who date younger men are often imagined as sexually assertive women who actively seek out and seduce younger men, therefore challenging major pillars of the

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The “Cougar” Phenomenon: An Examination of the Factors That Influence Age-Hypogamous Sexual Relationships Among Middle-Aged Women

When it comes to heterosexual relationships, choosing a slightly older man is the norm for women around the world, a partnering practice referred to as age hypergamy. In the United States, husbands

Sleeping With Younger Men: Women’s Accounts of Sexual Interplay in Age-Hypogamous Intimate Relationships

  • M. Alarie
  • Sociology, Psychology
    Journal of sex research
  • 2019
It is argued that women’s perceptions of younger men as fantasizing about sexually experienced women altered the gender power dynamics, ultimately facilitating the modification of interpersonal sexual scripts.

‘We've had our sex life way back’: older care home residents, sexuality and intimacy

Using thematic analysis, it is highlighted how residents’ and spouses’ accounts of sexuality and intimacy can reflect an ageist erotophobia occurring within conditions of panoptical control that help construct residents as post-sexual.

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